daaaaaaaaamn.  I needed a new copy of The Prince…

A throwback laugh from Dead Kevin Sketch. Reliably hilarious, every damn time.



Have you seen our new Olive editions?! These beauties officially go on sale September 16th, but you might see them popping up in your local bookstore before then. We’ll also have them on display at the Brooklyn Book Festival!


That’s right, motherfuckers: Jackson’s back. #latergram

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the sound of summer warping into fall

Charles, we need you to hope again.
Prof. Charles Xavier

one microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan, designed and directed by his red right hand

the illusion that you feel is real

listen up, people of the Tumb.  

ever feeling like you’re not good enough?  ever feel awkward?  uncool?
well, my friend Kenard runs this Tumblr here.  he is the baddest motherfucker that I know - and his blog is like an instant shot of class. 

true story: tonight, feeling wicked uncomfortable about having to go to this screening because a) I hate watching myself and b) lots of people who are less-than-happy with me over a former romantic entanglement will be there and I haven’t seen or spoken to most of them in like six months.  sitting in a ratty t-shirt and jeans, barely able to rouse myself from my chair, I clicked to Kenard’s blog… 

….and now I’m dressed to the nines, with a drink in my hand and a song in my heart and an Amex Black Card in my wallet.  Okay that last part isn’t true but it might as well be.

So, thanks, Kenard.  You’re the best.  And the rest of you?  You’d best follow.


Public Forum: Shakespeare in America featuring James Earl Jones